Global Brigades is an international non-profit that empowers communities to meet their health and economic goals through university volunteers and local teams.

1 Volunteer = 6.2 People Get Clean Water

GWB Chapters participate in 7-9 day Brigades to Honduras and Nicaragua. Volunteers work alongside community members and local technicians to construct water systems custom-designed for rural communities without access to clean water otherwise.

Volunteer Activities

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Community Water Assessment

Volunteers will study the community to understand the community’s current water challenges and learn how the new system will address those issues. Volunteers meet with the community’s Water Committee to discuss how they will be collecting water fees and maintaining the new system.


Water System Construction

Volunteers work alongside community members and trained technicians to construct a portion of a large scale clean water system. Construction mainly includes trench digging and pipe installation. A fully completed water project requires the hard work and collaboration of multiple brigade groups and community members over several months.


Education Workshop

Volunteers present education workshops to primary school children by collaborating with members of the community’s Basic Sanitation Committee. These topics include themes such as hygiene practices, safe water storage, water conservation, and watershed protection.


Water System Design

Water Brigades may also include extra days to help the evaluation of potential water systems in new community partners and participate in the follow-up assessment of previously completed water systems.


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